The Top Estate Planning Questions

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Can't shake the feeling that you should be contemplating estate planning, but you have too many questions, so you put it off again? Want some answers before you have to navigate complicated situations? Here are some questions and answers: What's the difference between a will and a trust? Wills become effective after death, while some [...]

What to Know About Incorporation and Taxation

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Operating as a sole proprietorship or general partnership is the least complicated way to run a business, and many small businesses never move beyond that. But Minnesota businesses that go with the easy option may be missing out on some advantages: To separate the personal from the business. In the eyes of the law, a sole [...]

What It Means To Die Intestate

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Did a close relative die and not leave a will? You will face some complexities, but you can get through them if you know the rules. How will the estate be distributed in the absence of a will? To start with, many assets aren't passed by will, such as: Life insurance proceeds. Real estate, bank [...]

What Does a Trustee Have To Do?

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As a trustee, you'll have to get to work within a month of when the grantor dies. There will be phone calls to make, information to gather and letters to write. Later, you'll be responsible for making good investment decisions, filing tax returns, transferring the ownership of real estate and more, requiring you to work [...]

Family Planning and Stepchildren

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A good estate plan helps to alleviate conflict in any family. Blended families--that is, spouses who have children from a previous relationship--may have additional concerns that should be discussed with an estate planning expert. Here are some basic tips: Figure Out Your Goals With family planning that includes stepchildren, some estate planning decisions may not [...]

How to Be a Personal Representative (PR)

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If you're named the Personal Presentative (PR) in a will, you will be the one administering the deceased person's estate. This will require you to manage many things. You'll find that being a PR is a labor of love. It's about honoring the deceased and serving the heirs. The following list can give you an [...]

Second Saturday Divorce Workshop – Saturday, November 13

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Are you considering getting a divorce? Do you have questions about the legal, financial, family and personal issues that are involved? If so, then Second Saturday may be for you. Second Saturday is a divorce workshop taught by a family law attorney, a financial professional and a counselor. These professionals will provide you with knowledge [...]

Estate Planning With Big Age Gaps

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Are you in an age-gap relationship? Five percent of first marriages and 20% of second marriages need a special focus on making both of your needs work. Financial matters for large age-gap retirement planning include retirement funding, Social Security planning and health care costs. Retirement planning. Imagine a scenario in which the older spouse is ready [...]

How Divorce Affects Your Estate Plan

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While your divorce is ongoing, make sure to meet your legal obligations to your spouse while exercising as much control over your assets as possible. Financial law is full of provisions designed to protect your property if anything happens to you, which is just as important during a divorce as it is at any other [...]

Wills & More! for Young Professionals

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RSVP HERE Do you need an estate plan if you're younger than 50? Absolutely!  Get your questions answered during our complimentary virtual seminar What is an estate plan and who needs one? Hint: you do! What is probate? What happens to your children if something happened to you? PLUS get your specific questions answered during [...]

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