Estate Planning With Big Age Gaps

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Are you in an age-gap relationship? Five percent of first marriages and 20% of second marriages need a special focus on making both of your needs work. Financial matters for large age-gap retirement planning include retirement funding, Social Security planning and health care costs. Retirement planning. Imagine a scenario in which the older spouse is ready [...]

How Divorce Affects Your Estate Plan

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While your divorce is ongoing, make sure to meet your legal obligations to your spouse while exercising as much control over your assets as possible. Financial law is full of provisions designed to protect your property if anything happens to you, which is just as important during a divorce as it is at any other [...]

Wills & More! for Young Professionals

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RSVP HERE Do you need an estate plan if you're younger than 50? Absolutely!  Get your questions answered during our complimentary virtual seminar What is an estate plan and who needs one? Hint: you do! What is probate? What happens to your children if something happened to you? PLUS get your specific questions answered during [...]

5 Tips For Family Business Succession Planning

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Creating a succession plan now can help align family interests, manage family member expectations, reduce or eliminate estate and inheritance taxes, and ensure a successful transition to the next generation. Follow these five steps to a successful succession plan: Establish Goals and Objectives Start by creating a collective vision of your business goals and objectives. [...]

What Is Probate—And How to Avoid It

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Probate is a necessary legal process that a deceased person's heirs have to go through when an estate is being settled. In some cases, probate can be a tedious and cumbersome process that may increase the stress associated with distributing wealth and assets to heirs. The more you know, the smoother the process may run, [...]

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