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Trust Administration | Rochester

In most cases a trust can be administered without court intervention, and probate is avoided. However, trust administration can be a very complex process.

A trust administration definitely has some advantages over a probate proceeding as well. Some of these advantages include a a greater degree of privacy due to there being no court supervision of the process, a much less expensive manner of distributing the property to beneficiaries in most cases and potentially a quicker distribution of the property to beneficiaries.

In nearly all trust administrations, our attorneys will assist the trustees of the trust with the following:

  • Read and understand the terms of the trust and contact any named co-trustees
  • Delivering notice to beneficiaries and heirs
  • Meet with financial, real estate, and tax professionals as necessary to develop an accurate inventory with valuations, and to make sure that all assets are properly titled in the trust
  • Collect death benefits
  • Prepare and file tax returns, pay bills, and prepare a final accounting
  • Finally, distribute trust assets according to the terms of the trust

Our goal in any probate or trust administration is to make a complex process as simple as we can for you. If you have been named the personal representative or executor of a probate estate or trustee in a trust administration please contact one of our probate and trust administration attorneys today at 507-534-3119.


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