Determination of Descent

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I Just Discovered an Inheritance from a Relative that Died a Long Time Ago. What happens when someone passes away but her property was never distributed to her heirs? Minnesota Statutes section 525.31 authorizes an “interested person” to petition the court to determine the deceased person’s heirs and distribute her property accordingly. An “interested person” [...]

How to reduce the risk of a challenge to your will or trust

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You’ve spent time and money putting together the perfect estate plan. Now make sure nobody can undo your hard work with a Contest Provision. A Contest Provision disinherits any individual that challenges or attempts to challenge your will or trust. You can define “challenge” to mean: 1) filing an objection to your estate’s administration; 2) [...]

My Mom, Dad, Friend or Other Loved One Just Died, Now What Do I Do?

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The probate and trust administration attorneys at Rochford & Langins, LLC will help give you peace of mind when you have lost a loved one. Probate and trust administration can be time consuming, complex and emImage result for probateotionally draining. If you are the personal representative for a probate estate, or named as the trustee [...]

Firm News: Peter Langins to present a three part Estate Planning and Estate Administration seminar.

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Since joining Robert Rochford in June of 2013 to create Rochford & Langins, LLC, I have noticed that some of the most common questions I get from people in and around Rochester and Plainview center on: the need for wills or trusts and an explanation as to the difference; how to qualify for medical assistance [...]