Wills & More! for Young Professionals

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RSVP HERE Do you need an estate plan if you're younger than 50? Absolutely!  Get your questions answered during our complimentary virtual seminar What is an estate plan and who needs one? Hint: you do! What is probate? What happens to your children if something happened to you? PLUS get your specific questions answered during [...]

So You Want to Sell Your Haunted House

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In Minnesota, Sellers of residential homes have to disclose known material facts that could “adversely and significantly” affect the Buyer’s use and enjoyment of the property. This usually means things like hail damage or flooding and can be disclosed via a third-party inspection.  But what if you think Casper the not-so-friendly ghost might affect Buyer’s [...]

How to Own Your Real Estate

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Real estate encompasses not only one’s primary residence but also other real estate such as a vacation home or a rental property. The ideal form of ownership varies depending on the type of real estate you own. Below, we take a look at the different types of real estate and offer advice about the best [...]

Using LLCs in Real Estate

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Investing in real estate can be a complicated process. That is why many people turn to establishing limited liability companies, or LLCs, to account for all of the complex legal and tax implications of owning multiple properties. Before you advise someone on their options or choose one for yourself, here are some things you may [...]

5 Tips For Family Business Succession Planning

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Creating a succession plan now can help align family interests, manage family member expectations, reduce or eliminate estate and inheritance taxes, and ensure a successful transition to the next generation. Follow these five steps to a successful succession plan: Establish Goals and Objectives Start by creating a collective vision of your business goals and objectives. [...]

Don’t Make These Trust Errors

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Our clients use trusts as an asset protection tool and to help their beneficiaries avoid the cost and expense of probate. Trusts transfer legal ownership of assets to a trustee. The trustee is tasked with administering assets in the trust as the trust maker (or grantor) specifies. There may be more strings attached to an [...]

Now Is the Time To Revisit Your Estate Plan

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The challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic gave us time to rethink our priorities and expectations. Estate planning is one area that has received a lot of attention, and for good reason. Everyone should consider the following: Document review: Are the papers in place? The COVID-19 crisis has caused many people to recognize that things [...]

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