How do I transfer real property into my revocable living trust?

Our attorneys will assist you with the retitling of your property. Typically, your property can be quit claimed from you as an individual to the trustee of your trust. For example, if you established a joint revocable living trust on January 1, 2015, the following example illustrates how your property would be retitled:

If your property is currently titled as:

John Doe and Mary Doe, husband and wife, as joint tenants.

Your property will be retitled to:

John Doe and Mary Doe, Trustees of the Doe Living Trust dated January 1, 2015, and any amendments therto

How do I go about selling my home in Minnesota?

The Home Sellers Handbook, published by the office of the Minnesota Attorney General is a great resource to consider when selling your home, a complete copy can be found by clicking on the following link:

What is a Contract for Deed? When do people typically use a Contract for Deed?

Contracts for deed are basically a contract by which a seller finances the sale of his or her own property. Contracts for deed can be flexible in their terms. Often, contracts for deed are entered into when a buyers other financing options are limited. Similarly, contracts for deed are a often times used to pass along family property without incurring the normal costs associated with a mortgage and credit approval.

What are the fees typically associated with buying and selling a home?

The range in attorneys fees varies from transaction to transaction depending on what needs to be done. In general, however, a buyer can expect attorneys fees to be in the range of 450-500. A seller can expect fees to be in the 250-300 range. To calculate closing costs for your purchase or sale, try our Closing Cost Calculator, or Contact Us for an exact quote for your transaction.